What is the secret of the laminate flooring maintenance?
09 7月

What is the secret of the laminate flooring maintenance?

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After the installation of the floor to always maintain the floor, and maintenance of this work must continue uninterrupted. Wood flooring need to wax polishing have become a consensus, then we all know to strengthen the floor need to wax it? The next few words to tell you about the maintenance of the floor to enhance the secret.

First, strengthen the floor need to wax it?

As the strengthening of the surface of the floor is aluminum oxide, itself is relatively smooth, the brightness is also better, this layer is mainly played a non-slip role, if the oil on the floor to do the maintenance, it will reduce the floor of the slip, Is a kind of damage. Do not give attention to strengthen the floor waxing, there is damage.

Second, strengthen the floor maintenance methods?

Strengthen the floor in addition to no need to wax, there are many need to pay attention to maintenance of the place, we can do with the control:

1、 the floor usually to keep dry and clean, to avoid local flooding the floor. Avoid direct sunlight, will make the floor dry and aging in advance, to maintain the normal indoor temperature, pay attention to indoor ventilation.

2、to strengthen the floor of the substrate is usually used high-density fiberboard, this material has "wet expansion and contraction" of the physical properties, the floor can not absorb water, the indoor temperature to dry and wet properly. Note that the floor moisture, summer air humidity, is the focus of the floor moisture season, winter heating, to prevent the heating system leakage.

3、 the timely removal of the floor of the grease and stains, you can use the home with a soft neutral detergent to clean the water to wipe, it is best to use the floor with a dedicated floor cleaning cleaning fluid cleaning. Remember not to use alkaline water or soapy water and other corrosive liquids touch the floor surface, do not use gasoline and other flammable materials to wipe the floor. It is recommended to use David's floor for maintenance products.

4、usually to avoid scissors, knives and the like to scratch the floor surface, keep the floor clean, to avoid some gravel and small stones on the floor damage. At any time to clean the bathroom and the kitchen door of the water, to avoid containing plastic objects fall on the floor, such as chewing gum, bad cleaning. Floor maintenance is good, will increase the longevity of the floor. Everyone in peacetime or to love their own floor.

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