Rainy wood flooring is too slippery how to do?
09 7月

Rainy wood flooring is too slippery how to do?

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No matter where, what occasion, a rainy day, or the floor of the water, the floor will be very slippery, especially for children and the elderly, it is easier to slip, causing some damage to the body, wood floor slippery What about it?

1、 first of all we have to the first time the ground water first wipe or dry.  

In the road we must pass or use a high frequency on the aisle put some carpets, this can increase the friction on the ground, but also absorb some water.  

Or we can sprinkle some flour on the ground after cleaning last night, sprinkle the flour on the floor and sweep it with the broom, and some flour left on the floor will have a non-slip effect.  

2、 if it is the dining area of the ground is slippery, then most of the ground because there are stains or grease.  

Then we can put the mop in the hot water soaked, so after adding the right amount of detergent and alcohol, so that the ground can be clever cleansing of the grease.  

After we clean up the best to dry the floor, dry ground is not easy to slip, of course, we can also use some anti-skid agent.  

3、 if conditional, of course, we can also be on the ground floor covered with a layer of carpet, you can whole house, you can shop in more areas of water, or shop on the aisle.

Carpet time is also saving time, but the carpet mat to regular cleaning is very troublesome, it is recommended to choose some dark carpet more dirt, such as deep coffee color and so on.

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