Merchants Joined

 Joining process

  • Preliminary negotiations (company introduction, joining conditions, methods and requirements, visit the exhibition hall)
  • Intention to apply (to guide the intention to do market research and plans)
  • Agent selection (whether to meet the joining standards)
  • Market research (market conditions, competitors, etc.)
  • Store confirmation (to help select the store, the implementation of whether to sign a lease contract, etc.)
  • Intention to sign (to pay the deposit, to submit the store floor plan, personnel training applications)
  • Company review (whether to meet the requirements, whether the staff in place, the funds are in place)
  • Signed a cooperation agreement (the two sides signed a distribution agreement)

Five support forging advantage terminal


MGM flooring is committed to providing consumers with stylish, environmentally friendly, safe, high-end imported floor, and modern home living environment of the floor solutions.

Training to support the perfect terminal training system - five - star store operating mode; Preparation of sales, design, installation, management and other basic teaching materials and courses; For the store to provide comprehensive coverage, focused, consolidate the basis of training support services; Step-by-step introduction to the terminal execution method in the consultant sales mode; To promote the franchise stores in the team formation, personnel training and other specific matters in the detours, consolidate the foundation; To promote the franchise store system, the rapid start store management, team management, sales management and other operational matters.

Business support based on the local building materials business district competition pattern, a scientific, rational and effective process mechanism to achieve the diversification of the terminal market construction and development, and create sustainable competitiveness. Layout (store site), display, advertising three strategies to help winners at the starting point; to assist the franchisee quickly occupied the market share, winning the terminal.

Display support uphold the MGM floor and the high-end, fashion brand tone, to meet the industry mainstream display features, combined with product brand culture and store space coordination with standardization, modular, systematic, industrial display mode and professional, The overall spatial planning and design, all-round create a combination of imported and humane atmosphere combined with the floor of the living environment display.

The MGM floor adhering to the "high-quality, high environmental performance of the original imported product brand values; will run through the brand, products, services and other aspects; the implementation of the system within the service level, with a strong marketing team, Policy support, deep marketing idea, to all-round, three-dimensional franchisee partners to provide one-on-one help. The MGM floor of the optimization process to join the optimization process and issued the relevant operational guidelines, allowing you to quickly start the project in a short time to reduce the risk of project management, easy worry-free operation. And ultimately let you dealers all worry-free to do the MGM floor floor business.

Reseller partners, you have any information on joining the operation, please feel free to contact us, the MGM  floor of all staff will be happy to serve you.