Company culture


MGM floor has been adhering to the customer to create a better daily life for the idea of ​​the blue sky brand and improve people's quality of life linked together. We know that customers need more than just fine products, but also need our sincere smile and satisfactory service. MGM floor is the basic concept of people-oriented. Customer-centric, to meet customer needs is the reason for the existence of the MGM floor; improve customer satisfaction is an important indicator of the success of the MGM floor, but also the purpose of our services.

Respect for the staff is the company's basic management philosophy, employees work in the company to be respected, managers should be concerned about the vital interests of employees; to provide employees with a better working environment, provide promising development opportunities, is MGM has been Staff direction of effort. MGM  company concept not only deeply affected the customers, employees, including suppliers and partner companies, MGM floor has been trying to do a respected by the community enterprises.

MGM floor to pursue a "people-oriented, customer-centric" business philosophy, and strive to become customer satisfaction, so that employees satisfied with the community respected enterprises.